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  • Strontium nitrate based

  • Performs like a 1kg ABC dry powder fire extinguisher

  • Simple to use with English instructions on the product

  • Designed for easy and accurate discharge towards the fire

  • Non-pressurized, no regular maintenance required

  • Has a long shelf life of up to 10 years with 4 years warranty

  • Leaves less residue and stains for easier clean up

  • Lightweight at 500g compared to the traditional 2kg fire extinguisher.


  • A Fire Extinguisher for Home and Car Use

  • Lightweight (500g) and compact (24cm x 5.3cm diameter) design makes it easy to handle.

  • 4 times lighter than a traditional 1kg dry powder fire extinguisher (34cm x 9cm diameter and weighs 2kg).

  • Can handle all types of common household fires, including Class A (solid), Class B (liquid), Class C (gas), Class F (cooking oil), and Class E (electrical) fires.

  • Contains a cooling agent to quickly suppress high temperatures in a fire.

3 Step Easy Steps

Operation is extremely easy as well. Just 3 steps:

  1. Pull out safety lever

  2. Aim at base of fire

  3. Squeeze yellow button to start discharging

  4. Swing from side to side at base of fire

The PFE-1 fire extinguisher has a continuous discharge feature, meaning it will keep dispensing until it's empty. This gives you a better chance of putting out the fire by focusing on the base, without having to continually press the lever to release the substance, as is the case with traditional fire extinguishers.

  • The fire extinguisher has a discharge distance of over 2 meters, allowing users to fight fires from a safe distance.

  • With a discharging time of approximately 8 seconds, users have enough time to effectively put out the fire.

  • Clear usage instructions are printed on the product.

Environmentally Friendly With No Residue / Stain On Discharge

The strontium nitrate mixture used in the extinguisher is eco-friendly and causes minimal residue or staining, making post-discharge clean-up simpler compared to traditional dry powder fire extinguishers.

No Risk of Explosion

The GOSAFE PFE-1 is safe to use as it has no risk of explosion from accidental drops due to being non-pressurized and having solid state extinguishing agents. Tests have shown that it remains fully functional even when dropped from a height of 2 meters.

Water Resistant

The GOSAFE PFE-1 is waterproof and remains operational even after being submerged in water for 8 hours.

The GOSAFE PFE-1 fire extinguisher does not require servicing since it is non-pressurized and does not experience any leakage, unlike traditional fire extinguishers.

It also has a long shelf life of 4 years and does not require any maintenance, making it an ideal choice for home use.

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